Buying a Bird House: How to Make a Good Purchase

If you are one of the millions of people who take delight in watching different kinds of birds, at some point in your life, you might have thought about buying a wooden birdhouse for sale.

May be as a kid, you always wanted sparrows to come and stay in the nest that you built for them. And, one fine day, when a pair of sparrows came and perched on your window, you quickly wanted to adopt them. So, you asked your mom about housing birds and she told you that you’ll have to buy or make a bird house. Now that you are thinking about buying one, there are a lot of things that you need to learn about. Read the following for complete clarity.

1) The Design: While the markets are flooded with an overwhelming variety with regard to designs, best of the birdhouses are simple in design, least complex for the birds to understand, appropriately sized and comfortable to nest in. An intelligently designed bird house should be preferred over an aesthetically designed one. After all, they are not showpieces that you bring home for accessorizing your interiors.

2) The Entrance Hole: While buying a bird house, check the entrance hole for its size. Do not buy a bird house that has too big an entrance hole. Big entrance holes pose a danger of larger birds spying and preying on the nestlings of tiny birds. An entrance hole that gives enough space for small birds to hop in and out of it is good enough for attracting birds that would like to nest in the bird house.

3) Proper Ventilation: Just like your own home, a birdhouse should be well ventilated too. Birds do not like to live in a suffocating environment. Many varieties of birds are extremely picky about the place they want to live in. Tiny holes or slits that do not pose a threat of predators preying, yet encourage fresh air inside, aid in ventilation.

4) Floor Dimensions and Specs: Different birds have different nesting requirements. The inside dimensions of the home are important in deciding whether it is fit for staying in. The inner dimensions of the flooring should at least be 4 by 4 inches. The specs of the bird house will differ from bird to bird. For example, the house floor of a flycatcher should be 6 by 6 inches; and, that of a Robin (American) should be 6 inches by 8 inches.

5) The Material: The birdhouse should be made out material that is non-toxic. Wood is the safest bet. Otherwise, there are a lot of eco-friendly options available nowadays. You will, however, have to research a bit about the materials out of which birdhouses are made.

6) Bird Behavior: Understanding bird behavior is a crucial step that can help you in deciding the kind of birdhouse that you should buy for the species of bird that you are thinking about taming in the birdhouse. For example, there are certain bird species that do not allow other bird species to nest where they make a home.

buy-my-spy-birdhouseApart from the above listed; you must take care of every small and big thing that might matter to the nesting birds. Comfort, privacy, access to food and water, safety from predators, provision for breathing air – these are only a few basic things to consider while buying and installing a bird house. While this guide will help you make a good choice, in order to buy My Spy birdhouse, you will be required to undertake a more elaborate activity. Searching the internet for information of kinds of homes that different birds like to nest in, should give you some clue about the kind of birdhouse that you must purchase.


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