Birdhouse Basics: The ABC of Sheltering Birds

Building a birdhouse is not child’s play! It might seem like a simple activity; however, there is a lot more to building a birdhouse than meets the eye. Concerns like making the house predator-proof and nestling-friendly, take center stage when building a birdhouse.

To keep the birds safely sheltered is at the core concern for building birdhouses. Why build them one, in the first place, when they are capable of creating one on their own? An apparent reason is that nesting birds often search for already existing houses when their brooding season begins. However, in case they do not like any of the existing shelters, they make one of their preferences, all by themselves.

Birdhouse Basics for Beginners

Thinking about making a birdhouse for the neighboring birds to come and nest in? Don’t be intimated by the thought that the task is an elaborate one. Following a few simple steps and taking care about certain necessary things can help you overcome most of the birdhouses problems that you are likely to face while making a birdhouse.

The Dimensions of the Birdhouse Matter:

When you start making a birdhouse, keep in mind that the height, breadth and width of the birdhouse matter. Do not make it too small for the birds that the space makes them feel congested. Moreover, do not make it so spacious that the feel of coziness goes missing. The floor dimensions are also one of the many important criteria for the success of the birdhouse.

Learn About Bird Species:

All birds are not the same. Bird behavior differs from species to species. Therefore, the birdhouse that you are building must be in accordance with the bird species that you are targeting. For example, there are certain bird species that prefer nesting in groups. These birds live like a joint-family. For such birds; you will need to build a house that has at least 4 to 6 floors with separate compartments.

Availability of Nesting Material:

Nesting material is the essential for the birds to survive. Providing them with water and seeds to feed on will become a responsibility for you if you want the birds to come and nest in the birdhouse that you’ve built. Provide them with different twigs, grasses, pine needles, pebbles etc. These materials will help the birds create a cozy ambience within the birdhouse.


Keeping the birdhouse clean is a must. Every time the birds leave your birdhouse after having brooded, it’s time to clean the shelter of the dirt and the waste. But why clean a birdhouse? Because, even the most attractive of birdhouses fail to attract birds if they are not clean on the  inside.

Buy One:

Having read all these steps, in case you still think that building a birdhouse is still a tough task, you can simply buy one. Buying a birdhouse; however, is an equally difficult task with its own pros and cons. The only plus point about buying a birdhouse is that you can own the kind of birdhouse that you’ve been wanting to make, in a matter of minutes. Once you know where to buy My Spy birdhouse from, you can shop for the same even online.

my-spy-birdhouse-123The above mentioned points are the holy grail of better bird keeping. Your neighboring birds will really appreciate it if you put in some effort to learn the details of building a birdhouse. A clean and neat birdhouse that looks decent and provides security from predators will never be empty. If you are really serious about bird watching as a hobby, you must read extensively about the nitty-gritty of birdhouse maintenance.


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