How To Care For Your Bird House

Birdhouses are more than a residence for the birds that live in it. These tiny little artificial nests are made keeping in mind that nesting birds look for habitats and Spy birdhouses that can provide maximum safety and protection from climatic disruption, hunters, as well as predators. Bird watchers who like to study bird behavior also build birdhouses for the bird species that they wish to study.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Is bird watching one of your passions? If so then you must be having an idea about the role that a birdhouse plays in the activity. Firstly, a birdhouse makes it possible for you to observe bird behavior from the comfort of your own place.

Secondly, they let you enjoy watching birds’ routines other than flying. As far as the birds are concerned, birdhouses are a protective shelter where they can have complete privacy from the outside world, just like their own natural nests. To make the living experience for the birds better, birdhouses must be taken proper care of.

Caring for Your Birdhouse

Birds prefer houses that are appropriately maintained. They do not like damaged and chipped wood and prefer that the house is in a good shape. Above all, birds like it if the birdhouse is cozy and safe. Therefore, not just building a nice birdhouse suffices; you also have to clean it from time to time. The following are some tips that can help you in taking proper care of the birdhouse.

Painting the Birdhouse

If you think that painting the birdhouse is necessary for giving it a new-like look, keep in mind that you should only paint the outside of the birdhouse and never the inside. Moreover, use eco-friendly and toxin-free paint for painting the birdhouse. You don’t want the birds to choke because of having accidently consumed paint. Use earthy colors while painting a birdhouse. Do not use bright colors like red, orange or purple. Use more of green and brown because these colors blend with the natural environment.

Proper Ventilation

For allowing fresh air to enter the window birdhouse, provisions should be made for proper ventilation in the birdhouse. The roof or the walls of the birdhouse should have very thin cracks that allow the air in. Keep the slits small enough for only air to enter in. In fact, the slits should be no more than a tiny crack.

Protection from Predators

A birdhouse must be sheltered from all kind of dangers. It should be able to shelter the birds from preying animals and birds. The best way to do this is to keep the entrance small. A small entrance hole makes it difficult for larger birds to enter or put their claws in. Similarly bird shelters should be guarded against cats and raccoons or other animals notorious for preying on small birds and their nestlings.

Regular Cleaning

A birdhouse must be properly cleaned every time the birds have brooded and left the house. It should be completely emptied. Thereafter, it must be washed and dried. If need be, it must be painted a bit from the outside.

The above listed are basic steps for birdhouse care. If one wishes for birds to perch on the house that he or she has built for them, it is essential that he or she creates a house that is in accordance with the liking of the birds. If you are planning to attract some special kind of bird, read extensively about the environment or houses that those birds like to nest in. Taking care of these little things will help you keep your birdhouse always full of a happy bird family.


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