Boxes for Birds: Species That Nest in Nest Boxes

Wooden BirdHouse

Wooden BirdHouse

Whether you live in an apartment or a stand-alone single family dwelling, you can hear the birds chirping everywhere. If it’s the first time that you are taking up watching birds as a hobby, or are resuming it after a long time, brushing up on the basics will not go waste. It is obvious that if you are planning to take on this hobby, you’d also be looking for a Spy birdhouse to attract a particular species of birds that you want to observe.

The first rule of bird watching is gaining insight into their nesting behavior. While some birds prefer to reside in a house that they have made themselves, others usually pick nests that have been abandoned by other birds. Once you start understanding these fine details, attracting birds to a man-made birdhouse or nest box won’t be a problem. Thinking about utilizing the bird box that you recently purchased from the local market? Read the following before you begin with your new hobby.

Birds You Can Attract To Nest Boxes

Innumerable bird species that regularly visit water bodies and feeders stay on trees in the surrounding meadows or land. Some of the birds that you’ll be able easily spot are cardinal, doves, orioles etc. However, these birds do not stay in boxes. Don’t be disappointed, there are various other bird species that you can consider if you have an unoccupied bird box. Check the following:


Watching a pair of bluebirds is refreshing! The best place to put a bird box in case you wish to attract this species is in an old field, cemetery or even a golf course. With regard to where you must exactly place the birdhouse, you can pick a tree stump or a wooden fence that is approximately three to five feet high. Make sure that the place that you choose to place the bird box is free of encroachment. Bluebirds do not like other animals to stray in the area where they reside.


These birds prefer to build a nesting place in the crotch of a tree. If they don’t find a nice tree to nest on, they can also stay on a nesting platform. Generally, they pick a spot six to seven feet above shaded trees. You can place a birdhouse or a nest box on any of the aforementioned, or under the extension of a shed. Wherever you place the bird box, just remember to create a mud pond nearby.

Brown Creepers

These birds make their houses behind the curved barks of tree trunks. Creepers like to stay in heavily wooded yards or on slab bark houses as well. If you wish to put a bird box for these birds, place it near a body of water.

Tree and Violet-Geen Swallows

If you are planning to attract violet-green swallows, place a bird box on dead trees. Each bird box must be placed at least seven feet apart. For the tree swallows, pick a location that is either near the fields or near the pond.

Purple Martins

Purple Martins create a magical view, flying over the beautiful fields. If you are a birdwatcher, you must not miss out on these species. Because these birds need a wide area for unobstructed flying, if you are thinking about building a bird box or window birdhouse for these, place it on a perch near to large meadows or fields.

Every bird has a different sheltering requirement. For example, the birds who don’t fly large distances will nest differently than those who cover spans before they return home. As a birdwatcher, you must ensure that you provide the right environment for the birds to nest.


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