Shifting a Bird House That Has Been Occupied

My Spy Birdhouse

My Spy Birdhouse

So, you recently purchased a bird house and immediately placed it near your window. Just a few days after, birds flew in and now there is a small bird family nesting inside. But, you observed how the neighborhood cat has been eyeing the birdhouse for some time now. You are worried that it might attack. Can you do something about it? Yes, you can. In fact, you should immediately shift the bird houses from its current place to some other safer point.

Can You Shift an Occupied Bird House?

Superstition has it that parent birds abandon the baby bird if a human being comes in contact with it. However, that’s complete gibberish. It’s a myth that science falsifies. Most birds do not have a great sense of smell. That is why shifting an occupied bird house is possible. Though it is tough to move a house that is already occupied; you don’t want to risk the life of the tiny little birds inside to the predators.

You’d be lucky if the birds haven’t laid any eggs yet. If it’s absolutely essential to move the birdhouse you should see to it that you do so absolutely gently. The birds inside will surely not like it that the house is being shifted; imagine how would it feel if someone was moving your house and shifting its location while you were inside. It would simply leave you wondering what’s going on inside. Because the breeding season of birds isn’t too long, if there isn’t an emergency, you can wait for some time.

The best time to shift the birdhouse is to do so when the birds have left for their daily chores. This is the time when the house will be empty. However, the birds might create a huge rumpus when they return and do not find their house in place. That said, you can guide them towards the new location. Because the parent birds make sure that they find their eggs, they will easily be able to spot the new place where their bird box has been placed.

Some Tips to Relocate a Bird’s House

If it’s a tiny sparrow’s nest that you have to relocate, you can check the following tips:

  1. Before removing the bird house from its existing place, you must shortlist the new location where the bird house will be kept. Make sure that the new site you have chosen will not require moving the bird house again.
  2. In case you need to change the entire house altogether, keep the new bird box ready. Now, when the parent birds are out, place the babies inside the new box. Put some nesting material inside the new house. Add sufficient twigs so that the babies keep warm.
  3. You’ll have to wait and watch when the parents return. Make sure that you aren’t close to the bird box. Human proximity to their habitat can make the birds feel cautious. It will take the parent birds some time to locate and enter their new home.

These are a few things that you must remember while shifting a bird house from its original location to another. If you take care of the above mentioned, you won’t have any trouble relocating the bird box. Be gentle while manually moving the nest from its original place. Take extra caution in case there are eggs inside the bird house. Birds put a lot of effort into making a house for their family. You must see to it that while shifting, you do not damage their house in any way. Buy My Spy bird house if you are looking for durable birdhouses for the birds.


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