A Guide to Attracting Bluebirds to Your Birdhouse

Buy Bird House

Buy Bird House

Bird watching is a delightful activity. The best thing about pursuing this hobby is that you can feel one with the environment around you. The activity is a great stress buster. If you stay in the city, you would get less chances of watching the wild variety. You might actually have to move to the countryside in case you wish to watch the species that nest only around fields and meadows.

If you stay at a place where you can enjoy watching birds, you are indeed lucky. However, in order to enjoy observing birds, you will need to build them a birdhouse. You don’t have to build a birdhouse if you wish to attract birds, you can even purchase one from I Spy Bird Houses.

Whether you purchase a birdhouse or build one on your own, before you do so, search well for the type of birdhouse that you wish to provide the birds. Doing some research with regard to bird behavior will also help, for there are some facts and figures that you ought to take note of before you begin your hobby. Take for example the bluebirds. The population of this species is rapidly dwindling. In fact, the population of these birds has decreased by 90% already. Therefore, it might be comparatively tougher to attract this species than others. That said, if you are ready to put in the required effort to create a proper habitat for these birds you might actually end up saving their vanishing species.

Birdhouse for a Bluebird: Things to Take Note of

Here is some help for you if you are thinking about giving your best shot to attracting these birds. The first thing that you have to do is select a good location for mounting the house that you have either purchased or made for these birds. These birds prefer open fields to closed areas. But these open fields also must have perching spaces for the birds to rest on after spanning across the terrain, flying.

They rarely make a home in urban areas because the spaces that the city offers are clamped up. Another peculiar fact about bluebirds is that they will pick a birdhouse mounted at any height. The higher you place the birdhouse, the more the chances of them picking the house for nesting in. Low mounted houses are prone to the attacks from predators, something that no bird would like its house to be affected by. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to make them a house that is 5 to 7 feet above the ground.

One thing to remember is that it’s better not to paint a birdhouse that is meant for bluebirds to reside in. Secondly, always mount the birdhouse in a manner that faces a tree because the first thing that these birds fly to when they leave their nest is a tree or a fence.

If you take care of these little things and have luck on your side, the birdhouse will definitely attract a pair of bluebirds. But your task doesn’t end at preparing the birdhouse or even when it has been occupied by bluebirds. You need to clean the house after each nesting.

At the time the birds are nesting in the birdhouse (anything other than Window Birdhouses) that you have built for them, you will have to provide them with sufficient food and water. These birds eat insects but also love baked apples, peanuts and doughnuts! You’ll have a great time watching these birds once you are able to attract one to the birdhouse that you have set for them. Happy bird watching!


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