Calling out to the Cardinals: A Birdhouse for this Species

Ash-throated Flycatcher

Ash-throated Flycatcher

If you are an American resident who grew up in America, in your childhood might have spotted many Cardinals flying or nesting.  Undoubtedly, in case you were very fond of birds at the time, you might have decided to become a professional bird watcher or wildlife photographer. Or, at least would have planned to buy My Spy Bird House. Haven’t ever seen a Cardinal? Well these are the most famous song birds in America.

The males of this species have beautiful red feathers while the females of the species have a more subtle yet equally attractive reddish tinge. These birds love to dine anywhere they get a chance to. They are so fond of it that they will visit your feeder extremely early in the morning. Even if they are disappointed, they will return to the feeder again and again, late until the evening falls. Such is their persistence.

They sing in a sweet and melodious range. And, they absolutely enjoy singing. While the females have a sweet voice, the male Cardinals follow suite when the females start to sing. In fact, when the female cardinals change their tune, their male mate also changes to the newer tone.

Attracting Cardinals: An important part of attracting cardinals to the birdhouse that you have built for them is to feed them well. Some of the strategies that aid in attracting these birds are mentioned as follows:

These birds like birdfeeders that are placed 5-6 feet higher than the ground level. The feeder should be stationery. They don’t like the ones that are hanging.

Cardinals are extremely fond of eating; but they are most fond of eating Sunflower seeds. They do a lot of hard work to sift through everything that you have kept for them inside a feeder to look for sunflower seeds. If they find that the mixture contains some, they might leave the rest of the things but will definitely finish all the sunflower seeds inside. They also enjoy eating white proso and millet.


Cardinals by instinct and needs are migratory birds. They wander far during the chilly winter months in search of food as well as water. However, they do not stray too far from their homes. If you are able to build them a house that is attractive enough for them as well as all the facilities, they will never stray. If you can build them such a pleasant ambience to live in, you can be sure of finding a cardinal family residing in the house that you built or purchased.

So, what do they need? These bird species are fond of having green trees around the area where they reside. They build their natural homes in places where there are a lot of shrubs. They also prefer bushes that face a meadow or any other open green area. Therefore, if you are thinking about making a home for these birds, check that there is at least a garden nearby. Your lawn would also work fine.

Search on how Cardinals nest and about their nesting habits. Once you have learned about these things, you will understand that every bird species is unique. You need to be very sure about the Wooden Bird House for Sale that you purchase or any other birdhouse that you pick for each species. It will seem awkward if you were planning to attract Cardinals and you end up with robins in your birdhouse instead.

In a Nutshell

Cardinals are beautiful birds that every bird watcher must read about as well as watch. You will love to hear them sing in their natural habitats as well as in the home that you built for them.


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