House for the Martins: Attracting Purple Martins to a Birdhouse

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Purple Martins are in huge demand. One can tell that because over a million people who stay in North America keep birdhouses awaiting these birds. There are; however, a lot of them who are unsuccessful in their pursuit.

And, the only reason that most of them fail in their attempt to attract Purple Martins is lack of knowledge about the behavioral preferences of these birds. Each species of bird has different nesting requirements that need to be understood by those who are thinking about attracting Purple Martins in the birdhouses that they have installed.

If you too are one of the millions waiting for these birds to fly in the birdhouse that has either been purchased or made by you, take note of the following for increasing your chances of attracting these bird species:

  • Placing the Housing too Near to Tall Trees: One common mistake that those who fail to attract these species is placing the birdhouse extremely close to trees. Incorrectly placing the birdhouse will always result in disappointment no matter what species of birds you are targeting. Martins require some aerial space which allows them to fly here and there. Tall trees at a place where they live cause obstruction. Therefore, they naturally do not nest in surroundings that have tall trees.
  • Allowing Other Species of Birds: Purple Martins are selective and very particular about the house that they pick. If their house has been earlier used by any other species of birds, they won’t reside in it. A site that has any other bird type or species living in it will not attract martins. Developing tenacity to the place that they are supposed to nest in is a distinguishable instinct in this species of birds. In case you wish to attract martins to the birdhouse built by you, take care that no other birds are allowed to enter the birdhouse before martins. This means that if by chance any other species claims the house, you can’t expect Purple Martins to reside there.

  • Wires Attached or Too Close to Birdhouse: Though martins love to perch on wires, they don’t nest in a birdhouse that is placed too close to fences. They are smart enough to understand that when a fence or wire is installed in extreme proximity to their nests mean that squirrels can easily climb up the fence and get in the house. Therefore, you should never attach a wire to a birdhouse that you have made or purchased for martins.
  • Painting the House with a Color they Don’t Like: As mentioned before, martins are very picky about their residences. They are so selective about their houses that they will even check the color that the birdhouse is painted in. To be on the safer side, paint a birdhouse meant for martins white. White painted houses attract these birdhouses. Though it might not be every martin’s favorite color, white makes the entry hole appear darker, which makes it simpler for them to find an entrance.

These are some of the things that you must take into account before building or buying a spy birdhouse house specifically for martins. If you’ve done your research well, chances are that you will be able to create the perfect surrounding for martins.



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