What Should a Birdhouse Be Made of?

Buy Bird House

Buy Bird House

So, you made a birdhouse and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of birds to occupy the house. It has been almost two weeks since you made and placed kids birdhouses or any other but there isn’t any positive sign yet. May be there is something wrong about the way you have made the birdhouse. Or, maybe with the way it has been placed. Every bird wants certain things out of their abode.

Any birdwatcher or wildlife expert will tell you that birds are extremely picky about the houses that they nest in as well as the location of the houses. For example, there are certain species that are so specific about privacy that they do not like to nest at places where other animals and birds stay or stroll. Other things that the birds are specific about include:

  1. The Quality of the Raw Material: The kind of material that is used in building the birdhouse is of specific interest to the birds. Refrain from using artificial material like plastic to build the birdhouse. Wood is one material that all birds like. Use good quality material like wood (plywood or rough-cut slabs of wood), leaves, twigs etc. build a birdhouse for your favorite bird.
  2. Warmth: Birds like their homes cozy. Therefore, provide for things that add to the warmth of the house. Too high or too cold temperatures are not preferred by birds. Wood benefits because it keeps the interiors of the home comfortable. Building a slanted roof for the birdhouse is an intelligent way of protecting the house from snow and rain.
  3. Proper Ventilation: It is important to arrange for proper ventilation for the builds when building them a nice house. Appropriately sized holes at each side of the birdhouse are all it takes to ventilate a birdhouse properly.
  4. Refrain Predator Entry: Things like building perches near a birdhouse can make a birdhouse look unattractive, because they encourage predator entry. Therefore, do not build perches where there is a risk of predators hunting birds.
  5. Location of the Birdhouse: The area where you place a birdhouse is of specific importance to the birds. Make them a house at a place that they like and they will never leave the place that you have so lovingly made for them. However, it takes time and research to understand location preferences of different species of birds. For example, there are certain birds that fly from one tree to another as soon as they get out of their houses. However, certain species don’t rest until they have spanned quite a lot of distance. Depending on bird behavior, one can decide where to place a birdhouse.
  6. Colors and Design: You might not believe it but birds are also very picky about the interiors of their house. While bright colors might appeal to a certain species, most of the birds like light and natural colors painted on the exterior of their houses. While painting the birdhouse, only use organic paints. Do not go overboard with the designing of the house. Give them something comfortable yet appealing and they will love to stay in it.

These are some of the tips that you must remember while making a birdhouse. In case you follow most of these, you will never complain of birds not flying in. In case you have purchased a MySpy Birdhouse, add some twigs and leaves to it so that it gives a cozy feel. Buying from a reputed dealer is an added advantage for you as well as for the birds.



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