A Guide for Bird Watching and Spying: Tips to Follow

Wooden Birdhouse

Wooden Birdhouse

Are you a passionate bird watcher? In case bird watching is a hobby that you thoroughly enjoy, you might be having a good insight into the world of watching or spying on birds. It is indeed an art to watch birds. Everyone knows that birds are private animals and that they do not like encroachment either by other birds or by human beings.

Therefore, while watching birds one needs to be sure that he or she keeps quiet and hidden. If you have birds living in the birdhouse that you made or bought for them, you might have made it in a manner that you are able to watch the beautiful birds nesting in I Spy Birdhouses and rearing their babies. That said, in case the birds come to know this, they will leave the birdhouse.

In case you are new to this world – the beautiful world of birds and birdwatchers, you should begin by learning as much as you can about different species of birds as well as about bird behaviour. There are different things that you ought to learn about birds and their nesting behaviour. Learning bird watching takes time to learn. To begin with, here are some of the tips that you should refer to while watching birds:

  1. Watch More, Act Less: This is one hobby that requires you to be very passive and quiet. Even when you are out on the field, watching birds, you will be required to observe more and walk around less. It takes time to figure out what bird are you looking at. Therefore, before flipping your books to confirm what you are thinking, take time to watch the bird as it flies.
  2. Listen to Them Closely: The voice and the song of the birds is a cue to their species. This is not as easy as it sounds. In case you are not careful, you will miss out on this very important cue that can help you recognize the bird without much trouble.
  3. Check the Facial Markings: Most of the birds can be recognized by the marks on their face. In case a bird is perching, you can check for the facial marks and lines that it has. You shouldn’t go too close to the bird to find those out. However, with binoculars, you won’t have much trouble trying to find out what bird is it that perches.
  4. Check the Size and Shape of the Bird: Every bird species has a different shape and size. These are the two factors that will help you recognize the bird at first sight. If a bird doesn’t sing during the time duration while you are watching it, or, if it is difficult for you to judge its facial markings, the size and the shape of the bird, as well as its color are the factors that will help you determine the species of the bird.

These are some of the things that you ought to remember while watching birds or buying one of the wooden birdhouses for sale. As far as your behavior while watching birds is considered, it should be quiet and peaceful. In case required, you must hide or camouflage yourself with the natural surroundings. This way you will not disturb or scare the birds away. Do not chase birds or run after them. Make minimum noise and let the birds be. In case you are thinking about watching birds inside their homes, you might need spy cameras that can record the birds.



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