Mounting a Flicker Birdhouse to a Tree: Things That You Should Know

Buy Bird House

Buy Bird House

Knowing about different birds is a passion of many people and a pastime for others. Whatever it may be for you, the fact that you are reading this article means that you are interested in knowing about flickers and are most probably thinking about building or mounting a birdhouse for them.

Flickers are a subspecies of the woodpecker. They feed on the ground and their diet is comprised of ants, beetles, grubs and more. A generous pile of larva is also food for them. This variety of bird is specifically found in North America.

These birds dwell in the cavities of trees and the most common place to spot the red-shafted northern flickers is toward the west of the Rocky Mountains. If you wish to spot the yellow-shafted ones, the East of the Rocky Mountains is the right location.

In case you are thinking about making a birdhouse for this species, or mounting one on a tree for them, there are certain specifications that must be followed. For example, the dimensions of the birdhouse are important. Flickers can comfortably live in a space with a floor that measures seven by seven inches, and has a front side of 16-21 inches. The backboard should be long enough so it is three inches above the roof as well as three inches below it. The following are some steps that you must follow so as to make the birdhouse.

To begin, draw an X from one corner to another, overlapping the aforementioned three-inch extension above the roof. You might need the ruler for making the X.

The next step is to drill a hole in the center of the X that you have just made. The hole should be the same size as is the lag’s screw diameter.

The third step is to replace the drill bit with one that has a slightly smaller diameter than the lag’s screw.

The birdhouse needs to be placed in a spot that is at least six feet above the ground. This is the right height for placing the birdhouse. You might need a ladder for marking this place on the tree.

In order to install the flicker’s house on this point, place the hole of the birdhouse that you just drilled, against the mark that you have just made on the tree. Now, you will have to drill in a manner that the house can fit in. Using nuts and bolts, you can fix the tree house inside the tree hole.

To complete each of the previously mentioned steps, the following items are needed:

  1. A ruler
  2. Drill
  3. Drill bits
  4. A tape to measure
  5. A ladder
  6. A screw driver
  7. Nuts and bolts
  8. (2) lag screws

If you are building the house yourself, you will also need some wood and eco-friendly, non-toxic paint. You can use the latter to paint the outer walls of the My Spy Birdhouse once it has been made.

All in all, once you follow the above-mentioned specifications, placing or mounting a flicker’s house on a tree will not seem like much of a task. It will become easier for you to place it correctly so as to attract the birds in your area.



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