Painting a Birdhouse: An Art with a Science Behind it

Wooden BirdHouse

Wooden BirdHouse

Every birdhouse owner wants to make or buy the best house for the residing birds. This is the motivating factor behind what makes people decorate the basic wooden birdhouse and paint them in interesting ways. Are you one of the many who likes painting and decorating birdhouses? Is it one of your passions? If this is the case, you might already know what it takes to craft a birdhouse in a manner that is attractive to birds in every season.

The fact of the matter is that birds like simplistic houses that are cozy, comfortable and safe. They do not need to be painted professionally; nonetheless, they should be painted in colors and patterns that the birds like. It should also be noted that the birds might die if they eat or nibble paint that contains toxic chemicals. Therefore, the paint that you use to paint the birdhouse that you have made for them should be ecofriendly in nature. The paints that are used for birdhouses have certain properties. These are mentioned as follows:

1. Protectant

The first thing that ought to be checked for is that the paint should contain a protectant. This protectant contains substances or chemicals that prevent the birdhouse material from pests, mildew as well as UV rays. The protectant paint should be applied to the birdhouse walls extremely carefully and evenly.

2. Toxicity

Another important thing to be checked is the level of toxins. The paint needs to be absolutely nontoxic and should also contain extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds, which can be harmful for the environment. VOCs cause air pollution and products containing this substance should not be used.

The Application of Paint: It is recommended that one should only paint the outer walls of the bird house. Use a simple painting brush to coat the surfaces of the birdhouse. Always paint the wood and then make the birdhouse out of it. Once the birdhouse has been made and you are painting it later, let it dry before setting it out for use.

There are a number of general tips to be followed when one wishes to carefully paint a birdhouse. Use a newspaper to keep the I Spy birdhouse under while painting it. Moreover, if you are touching up an older paint job, see to it that that the birdhouse is empty while you do so. Again, never paint the interiors of the birdhouse. Pick a color that the birds of your choice find attractive. Every bird species has a particular choice. Therefore, you might have to read more about birds and what colors they prefer their houses to be painted in. There are so many things involved in picking the right paint. It is something just like picking paint for your own home. Unless you are sure about it, do not buy it.

All in all, the way you decide to paint your birdhouse is a decision of self-expression and does not need to be rushed into. Take time to decide all you will need for painting the birdhouse properly in a way that is unique and custom to you. Create a pattern. Use more than one color. Really, the only non-negotiable factor is making sure that the paint used is non-toxic.



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