Painting Your Birdhouse: Ideas That You Can Use

Wooden Birdhouse

Wooden Birdhouse

Building birdhouses is one thing, but loving to build birdhouses is quite another. If you really find joy and satisfaction in building them, you might also love painting and decorating them. Providing shelter to birds is not something exclusive to birdwatchers, but also an activity that environment lovers do for the sake of birds that wander far in search of food and shade.

If you have built many birdhouses that have been occupied by birds, you might consider yourself a specialist. While that certainly qualifies as an accomplishment, sometimes decorating the birdhouse falls to the wayside. While unnecessary, decorating I Spy birdhouses and making them look pretty is something that can add to the charm of the space where you have installed/mounted/kept them.

Before we begin with ideas about painting the houses, let’s discuss the kinds of paint that should be used. The first rule is to use paints that weather proof the house. After all, it is not just about making the house look pretty, right? You can use paints that protect the birdhouse from UV rays as well as water.

The next rule is to never use paints that have chemicals in them. There are a number of organic paints available on the market; and there is a large range of availability. The eco-friendly range is free of toxins and therefore, will not be fatal if ingested by the bird.

Having discussed the kinds of paints one should use, here are some ideas that you can use to paint the birdhouse:

  1. You can use combinations of color. Use paints like white and pink for contrast. You can also go for green and light yellow. However, don’t use paints that are very bright. This might repel the birds.
  2. You could paint stripes or you could make polka dots on the door of the birdhouse.
  3. You could also paint the roof of the birdhouse in a texture or effect that looks like trees.

These are just a few of the innumerable ways in which you can paint your birdhouse. One drawback of choosing a dark color is that they tend to absorb more heat, which might make the conditions inside the birdhouse uninhabitable. Also, you must see to it that the color you choose is one native to the bird’s natural habitat. Greens, blues and browns work well as colors for the birdhouse.

Do not use any kind of substance that might scare the birds away or which the birds might not find attractive. A lot of people try to add a bit of humor by painting the door or the house similar to a predator’s mouth; however, the birds might not like it.

Last but not least: it is not necessary to paint the birdhouse, but in case you do, see to it that you coat it properly. There are a number of paints available on the market and the one you pick should not be just another economically viable option. This is a rule that should be followed for painting all birdhouses whether you have crafted it on your own or if you are thinking to buy window birdhouse from Myspy.



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