Making and Placing Birdhouses: A How to Guide

Wooden Birdhouse

Wooden Birdhouse

Is building a birdhouse one of your priorities? In case it is, then you are at the right place right now. There are a number of people who love the idea of building birdhouses. After all, it is a beautiful way to add to the aesthetics of your home.

And, everyone wants their house to look amazing. Waking up to the chirping of birds and watching them nest their babies is a great stress buster. In case you are a birdwatcher or someone aspiring to be it, you will have to seriously consider either purchasing or buying a birdhouse. Buying one is not much trouble. From ISpy birdhouse or other places like that, you can easily purchase one that is up to the mark. However, if you are thinking about making one, you might need some help. Listed are a few tips, which can be used as a birdhouse guide, which will help you in your pursuit of making the right kind of a birdhouse:

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House for the Martins: Attracting Purple Martins to a Birdhouse

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Purple Martins are in huge demand. One can tell that because over a million people who stay in North America keep birdhouses awaiting these birds. There are; however, a lot of them who are unsuccessful in their pursuit.

And, the only reason that most of them fail in their attempt to attract Purple Martins is lack of knowledge about the behavioral preferences of these birds. Each species of bird has different nesting requirements that need to be understood by those who are thinking about attracting Purple Martins in the birdhouses that they have installed.

If you too are one of the millions waiting for these birds to fly in the birdhouse that has either been purchased or made by you, take note of the following for increasing your chances of attracting these bird species:

  • Placing the Housing too Near to Tall Trees: One common mistake that those who fail to attract these species is placing the birdhouse extremely close to trees. Incorrectly placing the birdhouse will always result in disappointment no matter what species of birds you are targeting. Martins require some aerial space which allows them to fly here and there. Tall trees at a place where they live cause obstruction. Therefore, they naturally do not nest in surroundings that have tall trees.
  • Allowing Other Species of Birds: Purple Martins are selective and very particular about the house that they pick. If their house has been earlier used by any other species of birds, they won’t reside in it. A site that has any other bird type or species living in it will not attract martins. Developing tenacity to the place that they are supposed to nest in is a distinguishable instinct in this species of birds. In case you wish to attract martins to the birdhouse built by you, take care that no other birds are allowed to enter the birdhouse before martins. This means that if by chance any other species claims the house, you can’t expect Purple Martins to reside there.

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Boxes for Birds: Species That Nest in Nest Boxes

Wooden BirdHouse

Wooden BirdHouse

Whether you live in an apartment or a stand-alone single family dwelling, you can hear the birds chirping everywhere. If it’s the first time that you are taking up watching birds as a hobby, or are resuming it after a long time, brushing up on the basics will not go waste. It is obvious that if you are planning to take on this hobby, you’d also be looking for a Spy birdhouse to attract a particular species of birds that you want to observe.

The first rule of bird watching is gaining insight into their nesting behavior. While some birds prefer to reside in a house that they have made themselves, others usually pick nests that have been abandoned by other birds. Once you start understanding these fine details, attracting birds to a man-made birdhouse or nest box won’t be a problem. Thinking about utilizing the bird box that you recently purchased from the local market? Read the following before you begin with your new hobby.

Birds You Can Attract To Nest Boxes

Innumerable bird species that regularly visit water bodies and feeders stay on trees in the surrounding meadows or land. Some of the birds that you’ll be able easily spot are cardinal, doves, orioles etc. However, these birds do not stay in boxes. Don’t be disappointed, there are various other bird species that you can consider if you have an unoccupied bird box. Check the following:

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How to Place a Bird House: Tips and Technicalities

Wooden Birdhouse

Wooden Birdhouse

So, you have recently purchased a birdhouse but don’t know exactly where to place it? Don’t be discouraged if you know very little about placing a birdhouse. There are a number of resources available on the internet that you can consult, in case you are unaware of the technicalities of the task.

If you wish to attract different species of birds, you must read about bird behavior extensively. Thereafter, you can begin researching the types of birdhouses that each of these types prefers. However, before discussing the technicalities of placing a birdhouse, let’s understand the basics.

Where to Place a Birdhouse

In general, a birdhouse can be placed anywhere:  a window, a balcony, a free-standing pole or PVC pipe. They can be either kept at a place or hung from there. It is best to build a birdhouse where it is easy for the birds to perch. To provide maximum shelter and safety to the birds, make sure that the place where you keep the birdhouse does not allow predators to creep in.

Specifics of Placing a Birdhouse

If you wish to attract a specific species of birds, listed are the specs and the details that you must pay heed to.

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Birdhouse Basics: The ABC of Sheltering Birds

Building a birdhouse is not child’s play! It might seem like a simple activity; however, there is a lot more to building a birdhouse than meets the eye. Concerns like making the house predator-proof and nestling-friendly, take center stage when building a birdhouse.

To keep the birds safely sheltered is at the core concern for building birdhouses. Why build them one, in the first place, when they are capable of creating one on their own? An apparent reason is that nesting birds often search for already existing houses when their brooding season begins. However, in case they do not like any of the existing shelters, they make one of their preferences, all by themselves.

Birdhouse Basics for Beginners

Thinking about making a birdhouse for the neighboring birds to come and nest in? Don’t be intimated by the thought that the task is an elaborate one. Following a few simple steps and taking care about certain necessary things can help you overcome most of the birdhouses problems that you are likely to face while making a birdhouse.

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How To Care For Your Bird House

Birdhouses are more than a residence for the birds that live in it. These tiny little artificial nests are made keeping in mind that nesting birds look for habitats and Spy birdhouses that can provide maximum safety and protection from climatic disruption, hunters, as well as predators. Bird watchers who like to study bird behavior also build birdhouses for the bird species that they wish to study.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Is bird watching one of your passions? If so then you must be having an idea about the role that a birdhouse plays in the activity. Firstly, a birdhouse makes it possible for you to observe bird behavior from the comfort of your own place.

Secondly, they let you enjoy watching birds’ routines other than flying. As far as the birds are concerned, birdhouses are a protective shelter where they can have complete privacy from the outside world, just like their own natural nests. To make the living experience for the birds better, birdhouses must be taken proper care of.

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Care for Birds: How to Clean a Birdhouse

I Spy Bird Houses, Window Birdhouses

Are you a birder? Do you own any of the I Spy Bird houses? In case your answer to any of the two or to both of the mentioned questions is a yes then you must understand the steps to clean the bird house. You must also understand that cleaning the birdhouse is a necessary activity that will prevent your own home as well as backyard from insects and pests. Moreover, it will keep the residing birds free of diseases. Like humans, birds also prefer to stay in neat and clean homes.

Why Should You Clean Birdhouses

The first reason to clean a birdhouse is that a dirty bird house does not look attractive to backyard birds. Unclean and unkempt birdhouses can be encroached by rodents, insects, mites, snakes as well as fungi instead of cute tiny birds.

Keeping the bird house clean reduces infestation by unwanted elements. A neat and clean home attracts nesting birds from near and far.

Window Bridhouses

Window Bridhouses

 In case you want your bird house to always be full of chirpy birds you must see to it that the birdhouse guards the birds from danger and uncertainties. Ensuring that the birds feel safe in their nest is crucial. You will have to provide the birds with food and water at all times. Moreover, you will have to see to it that the birdhouse has provisions for proper ventilation; there is sufficient space for the nestlings to hatch and grow; the entry hole is appropriately sized for the birds to get in and out, etc.

 When Should You Begin the Cleaning Process

 The right time to clean a birdhouse is when the birds and their nestlings have completely fledged. In case they no longer return, it means that they have completed their stay and will not come back. Most birds brood only once. However, in certain regions of the world, certain bird species that raise multiple broods exist. In this case, cleaning can be done between each new brooding season. To know whether the bird house is occupied or empty, gently tap on either the sides or the roof of the house. If you hear a scuffling sound it means that there are birds inside the birdhouse.

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