Care for Birds: How to Clean a Birdhouse

I Spy Bird Houses, Window Birdhouses

Are you a birder? Do you own any of the I Spy Bird houses? In case your answer to any of the two or to both of the mentioned questions is a yes then you must understand the steps to clean the bird house. You must also understand that cleaning the birdhouse is a necessary activity that will prevent your own home as well as backyard from insects and pests. Moreover, it will keep the residing birds free of diseases. Like humans, birds also prefer to stay in neat and clean homes.

Why Should You Clean Birdhouses

The first reason to clean a birdhouse is that a dirty bird house does not look attractive to backyard birds. Unclean and unkempt birdhouses can be encroached by rodents, insects, mites, snakes as well as fungi instead of cute tiny birds.

Keeping the bird house clean reduces infestation by unwanted elements. A neat and clean home attracts nesting birds from near and far.

Window Bridhouses

Window Bridhouses

 In case you want your bird house to always be full of chirpy birds you must see to it that the birdhouse guards the birds from danger and uncertainties. Ensuring that the birds feel safe in their nest is crucial. You will have to provide the birds with food and water at all times. Moreover, you will have to see to it that the birdhouse has provisions for proper ventilation; there is sufficient space for the nestlings to hatch and grow; the entry hole is appropriately sized for the birds to get in and out, etc.

 When Should You Begin the Cleaning Process

 The right time to clean a birdhouse is when the birds and their nestlings have completely fledged. In case they no longer return, it means that they have completed their stay and will not come back. Most birds brood only once. However, in certain regions of the world, certain bird species that raise multiple broods exist. In this case, cleaning can be done between each new brooding season. To know whether the bird house is occupied or empty, gently tap on either the sides or the roof of the house. If you hear a scuffling sound it means that there are birds inside the birdhouse.

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